Waterproof, Non-Fading for One Year Tire Paint Pen



The easy way to give your vehicle that Racecar/Motorsports look.

Motorcycle Tire Marker Paint Pen, it is Plastic
Suitable for all types of tires and Comfortably to use.
Mark your tire's Raised letters and mark your racing tires for identification.
Before paint your tires, clean the dust, oil, etc with the cleaning-aid.
Marks on all surfaces including rubber, metal, wood, glass, plastic, cardboard and paper.
Pen Size: 14.5cm
-Please shake it well before used
-Please press the tip down 3 or 4 times
-Please don't shake when using, lest the pigment spilled
-Cap the pen tightly after use
-Don't burn-even when empty

Package Quantity: 12 colors

White Waterproof Rubber Permanent Paint Marker Pen Car Tyre Tread Environmental Tire Painting

- Valve-action allows the paint to be free flowing, you can write on almost any porous or nonporous surface
- Permanent marker marks on most hard-to-mark surfaces with a precision fine point
- Fade-resistant, water-resistant ink expands capabilities on multiple project uses

1. Shaking the paint pen before using.
2. Pressing the nib for releasing gases inside the pen.
3. Pressing the nib for several times.
4. Please control the nib pressure well and avoid too much leakage.

Tips: 1. Inks Contain quick-drying, nontoxic alcohol-based ink formula.
2. Inks are conforming to the EN71-3 and ASTM D-4236 approved.
3. Inks are comply with the European union-RoHS directive.

Color: White、Yellow、 Red、 Purple、 Green、Blue、 Black、 orange、 Brown、Pink、Golden、 Silvery


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