Waterproof Endoscope Camera

$80 $160

 Fix any problem easier and faster!

Is it your job to repair things and solve those common malfunctions? Often have a hard time figuring out the main problem due to those hard-to-reach areas?

If so, this Waterproof Endoscope Camera is then a perfect tool which you will wish you bought sooner!

Inspect your pipes!

This Waterproof Endoscope Camera is an industrial endoscope whose main role is to help you inspect the insides of the pipes, ventilation, and various tiny spaces that are hard to reach.

It makes access to the problematic areas easier and helps you discover the problem you are supposed to fix. Making your job much easier and efficient. 

All of that with its long semi-rigid Endoscope and high-quality camera that will capture any small irregularities, in detail. 

How great is that?

Waterproof Camera! 

YES! It's Waterproof and Oilproof! All in once!
This feature ensures a safe passage through pipes full of liquid. Making this Endoscope Camera's use possible in all conditions!

It's perfect for air-condition inspection, and sewer inspection, car maintenance, pipework, leaks, blockages, and many, many more. 

It has an extremely equipped camera with 8 adjustable Brightness Lights and dual lenses on both front and side camera. Allowing inspection from multiple perspectives. 

The HD Endoscope has a great high-color reproduction. Its advanced sensor is the one that provides images that are clear and rich in contrast. It even has the ability to capture the smallest and hard to notice details.

With its high resolution of 1920x1080 pixel image, every area inspected with this product is captured sharp and true to its color on the monitor.

No phone or app needed! Perfect, right?

Save your lost possessions!

Does it ever happen to you to lose your jewelry inside of pipes while doing the dishes? Well, you won't need to worry about it anymore.

This Waterproof Endoscope Camera has some amazing features you could be interested in.

It has a hook if you want to reach and catch your long-lost ring, the magnet for your keys or other metal items, AND a side mirror that will help you see where to reach for.

AND, it has a 4.3inch Handhold Endoscope with a semi-rigid cable that is long enough to reach the non-reachable and hold its shape while doing it. 

It's durable, super equipped, and totally worth it!!!

So, don't wait any longer and order one for yourself now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to use my phone or some kind of an app with it?
 - No worries, there is no need. This Endoscope Camera has its own monitor that is connected to the device and shows the work you are recording or taking pictures of. There are no other devices acquired for its use. 

2. What about the battery?
 - It has a built-in battery with long-lasting life which you can use for up to 4-5 hours!



Industrial Endoscope


4.3-4.5 inch color IPS screen


2.0 megapixel HD 1920*1080P

Horizontal viewing angle


Line Length

2M /5M/10m Hard cable

Focal Length


Waterproof Level


Lens Diameter


LED light

8pcs Adjustable LED

Battery Endurance


Package List

1× Industrial Borescope

1× Set Accessories - Hook, Side view Mirror, Magnet

1×Charging Cable

1×User Manual

1x Replacement Buckle