Solar Flame Torch

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Bring the Olympics to your yard!

Love the Olympics, and especially Spartan movies? Have a backyard, a garden, or a cute deck near your front door? If yes, then this Solar Flame Torch is already the perfect item for you! 

Lightens up your driveway!

This Solar Flame Torch is something that every member of your household will love! It's a special, and unusual way of lighting your garden.

It's stylish and attractive! 

It's a lamp that gives a look of a real flambeau with realistic and flickering flames!

Giving your yard that Spartanic and Olympic appearance, and making your house driveway look unique!

Uses Solar Energy and it's Waterproof!

Nowadays, it has become very popular to use solar rechargeable appliances. And, with a good reason!
All they need is the SUN, and the sun only!

They take 5-8 hours to get fully charged, and they work up to 10 hours during the night, which is more than enough. They also automatically turn on at sunset, and off at dawn. 

Their new upgraded parts with Monocrystalline Silicone Protection Circuit make sure they don't overcharge and thus keep the battery life. 

AND, they have good water and temperature resistance!

They work even when it's up to 40 degrees and even on the coldest days with rain and snow!

What more could you wish for?

3 Installation Methods!

You can install them by just inserting them into the ground via their sharp ends. All you need to do is make sure the ground you are sticking them into is soft, which you can do with pouring some water.

You can also just place them onto the ground with a stand that comes inside the package OR by wall mounting.

Either way, it's simple and easy to do it on your own. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order one packet NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I put them?
  - You can put them right outside of your house door, on your driveway, both back and front yard, garden, and even on your balcony.

2. How are they waterproof but have the "flame"?
 - Exactly. They only have the "flame" that is recreated. And, it's inside of the lamp box that is protecting it from snow and rain. So, no worries about the flame disappearing, it won't.




ABS IP rating: IP 65

Light Source

LED Bulbs

Number of lamps

96 LEDs

Lithium ion battery

96LED / 1.2 V / 2200mAh



Solar Panel

1W, greater than 17% efficiency

Product Packing

Solar light

1 Extension Tube

1 Elbow

1 Base

1 Plastic nail

1 Warm


Art Deco

Are bulbs included


Model Number

Solar Flame Torch Light 2020