Skin Massager

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For all of our beauty skin lovers!

Love taking care of yourself and especially your skin? If your answer is YES! then this Skin Massager could be the perfect thing to add to your routine AND make your skin GLOW more than ever! Here is more about it.

Wake your skin up!

This Skin Massager is a beauty instrument that's both a massager and a cleansing device. It gently awakens your skin, tightens your face contours, relieves wrinkles, and reduces their new formation.  

It has higher detergency than any normal makeup remover so it will make sure your skin is left clean, taken care of, and softer than you ever felt before. 

Other than cleaning, it uses warm massage to lift your face contours and phototherapy for smoothing and brightening your skin. Making it look more divine. 

Nourish your face!

This Skin Massager uses the principle of positive and negative ions to penetrate the skin through its iontophoresis. In that way, it cleans your skin deeply, disinfects it, and restores its elasticity. 

The first factor responsible for it is Red light mode that will nourish your skin with its double absorption effect, and promote skin microcirculation. 

The Blue light mode helps you stop the inflammation your face can get when having acne. It won't smooth them out totally, but it will help your skin regenerate itself and speed up her recovery.  

It uses Mechanical Vibration
 and Voltage stimulation too, to tighten up your skin, brighten it and enhance the metabolism of her cells. 

And, it has a Warm Massage Mode which increases absorption that will help your skincare product moisturize it faster, stretch your skin texture, and bring back its natural radiance and vitality.  

2 in 1 Eye Care!

Yes! It takes care of your eye area too!

Its EMS firming feature tightens the skin around them and lifts the area of your cheekbones. Making your face look younger and fresher!

Besides everything mentioned, it does Radio Mesotherapy that helps smooth out your beautiful wrinkles and reduce their new formation a bit. 

And that's not all!
Other than taking care of your skin from the outside, it will relax your face muscles and strengthen them with care!

Amazing, right?

So, if you love the idea of bringing one more step into your beauty routine, don't think more and ORDER ONE FOR YOURSELF NOW!

Frequently Asked Question:

1. Given that the eye area is more sensitive than the rest of the face, what should I know before using this product?
 - Take care of them as you usually do, and use the eye cream when using this Skin Massager. 

2. How often should I use it?
 - As often as you think you need, but not more than once a day. And depending on your skin sensitivity, from 2 to 4 minutes. 




AC 100v – 240v, 50/60hz


DC 5v/1a


4 W





Charging time

About 3 hours


4 Modes

Strenght gear

3 gears


1 retail box; 1 host; 1 manual; 1 USB charging cable