Sensor Headlamp

$30 $60

Full vision, right away!

Are you that person who likes spending time in nature while it's dark, camping, hiking, jogging... OR are you maybe someone whose job depends on you staring at the problem in the dark and trying to find the way to fix it? If so, this Sensor Headlamp is perfect for you!

The flashlight you have never seen before!

This Sensor Headlamp is a flashlight that gives you a full vision that is very close to natural, daily light. 

It has a wide range and has is multipurpose which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor, as well as various night activities - such as camping, hiking, night fishing, hunting, caving, and many, many more.

Its high-manageable battery can provide you with 8 hours of constant light! Which is just enough for any activity you may be planning! Perfect, right?

Highly durable!

This amazing Headlamp has a high-quality knit head-aend that comes with an adjustable elastic design, making it super comfortable to wear. 

It uses new high tech and beads, it's super light and electrically stable!

This Headlamps body has a circuit design that is both optical, thermal, AND totally worth it!

The Headlamp has a serious Motion Sensor that can instantly improve your visibility when needed! Making it perfect for all of you climbing lovers!

It reacts to the movement of your hands and in front of your face, so your only task is to do what you need to, and the lamp will be there to light your way and support your adventure!

Multiple lighting modes!

That's right! There are 5 modes you can choose from when using this amazing and super comfortable Headlamp! 

COB High - COB Low - Strobe Mode - XPE High - XPE Low

And that's not even all, it has 3 levels of dimming too!
So, you can control the brightness of your light in both ways!

This Sensor Headlamp is super water resistant! It is protected from water splashing from all angles AND is even dirt proof! Making it even more useful!

This new generation of headlamps is here to change the game for you.
So, if you love the idea of improving your vision at night, during any activity, don't wait any longer and order one NOW!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How is it different from any other, old headlamps?
 - It has a different design that aligns with your head better, it's lighter, smaller, and in total: more comfortable to wear. 

2. How much time does it need to get fully charged?
 - It needs around 2.5 hours, which is, compared to those 8 hours it can work continuously, a small amount of time. 





Power Source

3xAAA battery


Approx. 1.5M

Light color