Progital- Projection Digital Alarm Clock

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Have a good night's sleep with Progital!

Combines a cosmetic mirror and a time display feature, allowing you to utilize the display as a timepiece and mirror at the same time. Without having to take out your phone, you can effortlessly check the time while in bed.



Dual Alarms with Snooze- For couples with varied patterns or as a backup for waking up heavy sleepers, two independent alarms with this led projection clock may be set. Snooze is a fantastic feature for those who need an extra nine minutes of sleep each morning.

Rotatable Ceiling\ Wall Clock Projector- This 180° projection digital alarm clock for the bedroom has a focus control ring to ensure a clear view of the time and an angle adjustment with a reverse button to accommodate all circumstances. Create a crystal-clear time projection on your ceiling or walls. Every moment you wake up, time is the first thing that enters your mind.

USB Charger and Battery backup- All Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, Kindles, and other electronic gadgets may charge through a USB port. The led projection alarm clock

 is outlet powered for auxiliary purposes such as USB charging, projection, alarm, and time display. To guarantee that time settings are remembered so that you don't have to reset time after a power loss, 2 AAA 1.5V batteries (not supplied) are needed.


1. The charging LED music clock has no projection function,
2. Time projection alarm clock B has no radio function,
3. Due to the different specifications of adapter plugs in different countries, our products do not include adapters. Thanks for your understanding.

Time Projection Alarm Clock:


Large LEDs digital display: time, humidity and temperature can be easy to reading.
Projection function: project time, adjustable focus, 3-level projection brightness, can rotate the projection 180°.
Automatically light-adjusting: in this mode, the projection brightness can't adjust automatically according to indoor brightness.
FM radio function: manual FM, the listening time can be set, automatic search station.
Dual alarm clock function: 2 alarm clocks can be set to any time separately, also set snooze mode.
Indoor thermometer function: real-time temperature display, 12H/24H modes.
4 levels of display brightness can be manually adjusted as you need.
The screen is special progressed which can be used as a makeup mirror.
Built-in powers off memory function.


Material: ABS
USB Input: DC 5V
Clock Body Color : Black/White
Clock Font Color: Blue/ White/ Blue/ Green
Size (about):
Style A : 183 * 75 mm
FM Frequency: 87.5-108 MHz
Projection Distance: 0.5-5m
Volume Adjustment: 0-15 levels
Hour Format: 12H/ 24H
Brightness Adjustment: 4 levels
Batteries: 1*CR2032 (included) / DC 5V


Charging LED music clock:

Note: It is recommended to use a 5V, 1A power adapter. This alarm clock has a built-in rechargeable battery, which can be plugged or unplugged.

Product Features: 
1. LED display.
2. Memory function, no need to reset after shutdown.
3. Celsius/Fahrenheit switch.
4. 24 hours/12 hours conversion.
5. The three-segment display brightness changes automatically, and the display brightness can also be adjusted manually.
6. Two groups of different alarms can be set in one day, and the duration of a single group of alarms is 2 minutes.
7. Thirteen soothing music can be selected as alarm bells.
8. Sleeping music appreciation, the music can be played continuously for 5 minutes.
9. The alarm volume can be adjusted.
10. Voice-activated energy-saving mode, it will enter energy-saving mode if it is not plugged in, and the screen will automatically turn off after 10 seconds in a silent environment.
11. Touch the snooze function, the snooze time is 5 minutes.
12. Mirror design.

Time Projection Alarm B:

Material: ABS
USB input: DC 5V
Body color: black/white
Clock font color: blue/white/blue/green
Size (approximately):
Type A: 183*75mm
Type B: 180*95mm
FM frequency: 87.5-108 mhz
Projection distance: 0.5-5m
Volume adjustment: 0-15 levels
Time format: 12h/24h
Brightness adjustment: 4 levels
Battery: 1*cr2032(included)/dc 5v

Package Include:

Time Projection Alarm Clock:
--1* Projection clock
--1* CR2032
--1* USB cable
--1* User manual

Charging LED music clock
(No projection function) :
--1 * Voice Control Alarm clock
--1 * USB cable
--1 * User manual

Time projection alarm clock
(without radio function):
--1 * Time Projection Alarm Clock
--1* CR2032
--1 * USB cable
--1 * User Manual