Portable Inhaler

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Breathe with full lungs!

Have asthma or some other airway troubles? Or, are you someone who gets colds easily? If your answer is yes - this Portable Inhaler could be the perfect item for you!
Here is how it can relieve your daily breathing difficulties much, much easier.

Make your daily struggles less persistent!

With this Portable Inhaler and its atomized particles, you can help your lungs do their job by covering your upper respiratory tract, trachea, and bronchi, and ease your daily struggle to breathe.

This is a device that you can use at home, with medication prescribed by your doctor. 

It's suitable for both children and seniors, and for many issues that may occur. Such as colds with a persistent cough, bronchitis, and even asthma. 

 A few ways to use it!

There are 3 ways you can use it. With a mask that comes in two sizes - both for adults and children AND with a mouthpiece for a different kind of wear. 

Both options will leave you pleased with the job done, and it can ensure you with that special feeling. 

Something that is so great about it is that is small and convenient, meaning it's super portable! You can use it in the comfort of your home, or while traveling. 

And, you can use it in any position you like: sitting at your office desk or lying while watching your favorite movie with your loved ones. Ideal, right?

So simple to use!

That's right! You only need to put the batteries in, pour the prescribed liquid medication into the cup module, assemble the mask you want to use, and power it on easily by pressing the button.  

And, you are only left to inhale slowly and deeply to enable the medicine to reach your lungs and enjoy the smooth air it exhales. 

Easy, right?

Besides having its convenient charging and time using mechanism - it has a Low Noise feature, meaning you can inhale yourself while enjoying the quiet evening at home.

So, if you enjoy the thought of having something that could help you with daily breaths - don't think more and order one for yourself NOW!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I charge the device?
- There is a USB cable that comes inside the package.

2. How should I clean it?
- We recommend you clean it with a half-wet cloth. Please don't use running water to rinse it with water or any sharp objects such as cotton swabs and toothpicks to clean the nozzle spray.  




Particle diameter



90g (with no battery)





Fogging rate


Cup capacity

0.5ml – 8ml




3V 1A

Medication flow rate

Approx. 0.4ml/min




Max 10ml

Mains connection