Pocket Printer

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Make your notes fabulous!

Love studying, taking notes, and organizing your stuff with colors and labels? Amazing! Well, this Pocket Printer will then be the perfect thing for you! Here is what it has to offer!


Print it out!

This Pocket Printer is a lightweight, portable device that uses thermal power technology to print anything you like!

That can be your favorite photo with your friends and family, stickers you want to use to decorate your travel diary, or just notes you can use when studying and organizing things around your space.

Sounds interesting?

Yes! This device is very portable and is perfect for carrying anywhere you go.

Whether zou go to school, office, or a completely new country you are visiting - this Pocket Printer will be there to make your memories alive and give you something to remember. 

Wireless Bluetooth connection!

That's right! You can print just anything directly from your phone. You just need to install a free per page app, choose the content on your phone screen and click okay. 

You can even convert and edit them beforehand. 

And that's not all! It also has an OCR recognition that will help you identify the text you want to print, make it fit your paper format, making your notes more convenient. 

This Pocket Printer is powerful and super multifunctional!

It prints your notes, making your studying time less painful and more fun! It prepares labels you need for your organization AND it captures the good moments with your loved ones and makes those memories alive. 

Can it be more useful? 

Saves your money!

And how, you wonder. Well, if you didn't have this amazing printer, you would have to buy the regular one which spends thousands of euros annually just on the new cartridges it would need. 

Luckily, this one is just an order away from you AND it uses replaceable paper you can change by yourself. The method of paper loading and closing is really easy and efficient.  

Such an amazing thing, right?

So, if you love the idea of having a perfect tool that could print just anything you want, anytime and anywhere, order one for yourself NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What power does this device use?
 - It works on a 1000 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that runs 24h a day, after only 1.5h of charging time.

2. How fast can it print out something I want?
 - 90mm/s Max - which is really, really fast.



Print speed

90mm/s Max


203dpi Interface

Print media

Thermal paper

Printer Voltage


Printing Max Paper Size

58mm x 30mm

Product Dimensions


Net weight


Package includes

1 x Peripage machine

1 x Data line

1 x Packing Box

1 x Manual