Pet's Nail Grinder

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Cut your pets' nails properly!

Does your dog or cat also doesn't like when the time for the nails cutting comes? Not a problem! With this Pet's Nail Grinder, you won't have that much trouble anymore! It's easy to use, fast, effective, and totally worth it! 

Safer than anything you tried before!

This Pet's Nail Grinder is a machine that cuts your pet's nails in a very easy and efficient way. It will make both you and your pets feel safe while doing it, AND they will enjoy their new look faster than ever!

This Pet's Nail Grinder has Diamond Bit Grinder which is made especially for fast and powerful grinding - just perfect for your pets' needs. 

It uses 3 Ports Fits and 2 Speeds ensuring that all size pets can enjoy its magic. 
- Port 1 is perfect for small size pets
- Port 2 for medium size pets
- Port 3 for large size pets 

Ultra Quiet!

It's also Ultra Quiet, and Low Vibration equipped! It gently removes thin layers of the nail with minimal noise and vibration so the sensitive pets won't get anxious and scared, more than they already are when cutting nails. 

The Pet's Grinder is also equipped with a powerful motor providing the machine to work up to 8 hours. Which is just perfect for your needs. 

It consists of a Grinding Wheel, Grinder body, ON/OF Button for 2 speeds (7000 RPM and 8000 RPM), and Charging indicator. 

The charging indicator uses Red light to indicate the charging phase, Greenlight notifies that the battery is fully charged, and the Blue light indicates that the Grinder is currently working. 

This means that you will know at any time what stage the appliance is in. 

No friction burn!

This Pet's Nail Grinder stays cool! It does not heat up during use! The grinder rotates at just the right gentle speed, removing slowly away from the layers of your pet's nails, and preventing friction burn! Completely safe!

It's USB rechargeable. It has a high-performance battery that lasts up to 8 hours, and it's fast charging (1,5h).

And something you, the owner, will like the most: It's easy to clean! Just use the soft wet towel and gently brush away any nail dust that's left. No more messy work! 

What are you waiting for? Order one for your pet NOW!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use this product for my pet that is small in size? 
YES! And not only that you can use it on your small pets, but the Pet's Nail Grinder has different Port Fits, so it can fit any size.

2. How do I charge the battery?
    - The battery is USB chargeable. It comes with the package. 



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Pet’s Nail Grinder



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Grinder, 3 Ports Fits, USB charger