Pet Collar Anti-Lost Pet Loss Prevention Collar For Apple Airtag Tracker

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Pet Collar Anti-Lost Pet Loss Prevention Collar For Apple Airtag Tracker Protective Cover Dog Positioning Collar Supple

Bullet Points:

1、Supported Models: This pet positioning collar comes with a protective cover for Apple for Airtag tracker, which can be installed with for Apple for Airtag tracker.

2、Anti-Lost Tracker: Prevent pets from being lost. The collar is firmly fixed for Airtag, no matter how to move, improve the chance of pet retrieval.

3、Pet Size: The collar has a reflective design, the collar can be adjusted, the neck is not tight, 3 sizes, 4 colors, specially designed for medium and large dogs.

4、Installation Steps: 1 take out the screwdriver from the collar, 2 easily unscrew the screw, 3 install and adjust your for AirTag from the opened screw port, 4 put it on the pet and use it.

5、Suitable for: The product is suitable for Apple for Airtag trackers, and you can also place your other positioning devices in the locator protective case.


1. The latest version of for Apple for Airtag supporting pet supplies, put on for Airtag, and start positioning.

2. Improve the chance of pets being retrieved, the collar is firmly fixed for Airtag, no matter how you move.

3. The collar has a reflective design, can adjust the collar, does not squeeze the neck, specially designed for medium and large dogs.


Name: Pet Collar for Apple for Airtag

Material: polyester + diving material

Size:As following

Net weight: about 100g

Packing List:

1×Pet Positioning Collar