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Save your money!

Do you often throw your food leftovers and end up spending soo much money on groceries, but for nothing? Well not anymore! This Vacuum Sealer will help you enjoy your food longer and teach you to save money!

Lock the fresh!

This Vacuum Sealer encloses your food leftovers in bags of various sizes and puts them away from environments that can easily create bacterias by extracting all possible air and moisture. It is also used for storing, freezing, sous vide cooking, or marinating, to ensure that the flavor and freshness of food are preserved longer. 

This allows the Vacuum Sealer to save all your leftover food for some other day, or even a week, without worrying about it spoiling down. 

All you need to do is just separate the food, pack it in a bag and let the machine do its job. 

No more food waste!

This Vacuum Sealer can extend the freshness time of food by 6 times. Allowing you to become more economical and better towards our living environment

One key operation = so easy to use! The edges of the bag should be aligned with the part on the machine that will close it and vacuum all the air out of it.

After storing the food in the bag and vacuuming, all you need to do is put the bags in the freezer and enjoy the food's freshness even a few days later.

By disposing of your food in this way, you retain all possible vitamins and proteins that would otherwise evaporate very quickly. Helpful, right?

Vacuum Sealer & Sealer Only!

You read it well! Not only that it can vacuum your food and save its long-lasting life but if you don't need that at the moment you can just seal your bag and put it in the fridge. Perfect for storing things you want to save for later in the day. 

This Vacuum Sealer also has the power of being quiet. Its Low noise allows its use at any time of the day or night, without disturbing other occupants. Just press the Low Noise button and enjoy its magic in silence. 

With this Vacuum Sealer, you will be guaranteed the promise of freshness, less food waste, and savings up to $2,700 a year. Perfect for all your kitchen and pantry needs. And, just anything you can imagine.

What are you waiting for? Order one for yourself now!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the difference between freezing food without vacuuming and with vacuuming?
    - By vacuuming food, you extend its shelf life by 6 times more. The food keeps its freshness and it conserves all vitamins and proteins which would otherwise disappear.

2. What kind of food can I seal and vacuum?
   - Dry, Powdery, and even Wet food. 





Sealing length




Model Number


Power Source








Heating Coil

Nickel-chrome wire alloy

Sealer width

Max 28cm





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Package List

1 pcs Machine

1 pcs English manual

1 pcs EU/US Plug

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