Mini Handy Electric Beater

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Name: Milk Frother

Product color: black


304 stainless steel (food grade)

handle: ABS

Size: 3.3*4.9*21CM

Weight: 75g

Whether to print logo: Yes

Product use: It is used for frothing milk and coffee, suitable for mixing and beating eggs in fancy coffee, milk, wine, fruit juice, etc. It can be used indoors and outdoors with low noise.

Package includes: 1 * electric whisk (without battery,Random box)

Product features: 1. Beautiful and fashionable appearance, rich colors, compact and convenient. Use 2 AA batteries, realize wireless operation, light and durable, movable anywhere, easy to use.

2. Food grade 304 stainless steel mixing head, safe, sanitary and easy to clean. (Note: Many illegal manufacturers now use 201 or 301 as 304 stainless steel, please pay attention!)

3. All environmentally-friendly raw materials, absolutely no doped back materials, can perfectly pass the European environmental protection and food contact safety testing.

4. The internal self-locking switch is adopted, and the internal solder joints are all soldered with environmentally friendly lead-free solder. Environmental protection is not only as important as the surface, but also the interior.

5. The core micro-motor adopts the company's new customized environmentally-friendly high-performance motor, which features: high speed, high torque, and low power consumption.