Magical Forest Lighted Vine

$59.99 $129.99



Take Home Decoration To A Whole New Level!

Can't find a way to elevate the look of your room? Then our Enchanted Willow Vine might just be the one you're looking for!

It's a decoration shaped like a tree with special fairy lights at the tips of each branch. 

Experience the most calming lighting and the fanciest-looking ornament on your walls. Gives the room a comfier and more uplifting atmosphere.

Key Benefits

Intimate Lighting - Its fairy lights at the ends of the branches provide soft and warm lighting to the room the moment you turn it on. Enjoy a cozier ambiance right away!

3D Effect – The realistic design adds a 3D effect to the walls of your home. It spreads a touch of everlasting tranquility to any room instantly.

Elegant Decoration It also doubles as a luxurious decoration in any space. Guaranteed to complement and look good in any room aesthetic as well.

Handcrafted Quality - Each vine is carefully crafted by hand by expert artisans to produce the most premium quality finish. It makes the perfect gift for friends and family too!

Specification: 2.3M/144LED
Lighting: warm white