Lazy Hanging Neck Leafless Fan

$39.99 $89.99

【Horizontal Fiber Design】The cross-fiber design on the neck surface uses food-grade silica gel to quickly dissipate human body heat and moisture. 62 surround air outlets, wind out in all directions.

【Adjust the Angle at Will】All-plastic flexible arm, any angle can be used, it is not easy to break when you go to fit it.

【Turbines on Both Sides Gather Wind】Left and right twin-turbo blast design, 60 fan blades gather wind, reduce air fluctuations, save energy and make it quieter.

【Smart Chip】Built-in intelligent and high-efficiency fan blades, stable, safe and fast blowing, while using fireproof materials.

【Lightweight and Unburdened】Lighten the structure design, bid farewell to the traditional hanging neck fan, emergency weight 260g, enjoy the cool, bid farewell to cumbersome.


Material:ABS+Electronic component.
Battery Capacity:2400mAh.