High-Frequency Massage Gun

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Make your body feel loved again!

Do you often strain your muscles with workouts and feel that you need some extra support to recover? Do you love massages but feel like they are not always affordable? Here is how this High-Frequency Massage Gun can meet all your needs.

Ease your pain!

Whether you are an athlete who spends a lot of their time working out, or you are somebody who spends most of their day in the office - you probably need some type of massage from time to time.

Well, what a perfect thing to have!

This High-Frequency Massage Gun massages parts of your body with its soft and flexible add-on heads. Making you feel more at ease after a long and hard day. 

Your only job is to place yourself on the couch, turn on this clever device and relieve your pain, with enjoyment.

Many Massage Heads! 

This High-Frequency Massage Gun has 6 different Massage Heads you can choose from.

Ball, Spade Shaped, and Flat Head - are perfect for large muscle groups such as the back, chest, and hips.

U Shaped Head - amazing for spine, neck, shoulder, and other sensitive muscles and body areas.

Thumb Head soothing for soft, and Bullet Head for deep tissue like acupoints, tenants, joints, palms, and soles. 

This High-Frequency Massage Gun also has 30 Speed levels you can adjust based on your needs. Its Speed levels range from Mild massage, through Muscle awakening all the way to Professional Mode. It's up to you to decide which one works for you the best. 

Quiet Operator!

The New generation Noise reduction Technology, brushless DC motor. and double-bearing transmission bring high power and low noise experience. That means you can use it in peace and complete relaxation.

This High-Frequency Massage Gun has the LCD Touch Display which enables you to easily enjoy all the benefits that this device offers.

It also uses the Rechargeable Lithium Battery that lasts up to 5 hours. Just enough, and perfect for your needs!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this limited edition for yourself and your body NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is this product for?
   - It is for everyone that suffers from any kind of pain which appears as a result of too many daily activities or not enough of them. 

2.  How do I use it?
   - It is used by leaning the device's head on the part of the body that lacks relaxation. The pressure that this device with its accessories puts on that certain part of the body activates muscles and relieves the pain. 


Item Type

Massage & Relaxation




Composite Material



Number of Model


Product size


Packing size

34*25*10,5cm (1 set)

Net weight


Input Voltage

110-240v; 30-50HZ

Motor Power

1200-3200 rpm

Trip type

DC 26V=1v

Intensity gear

20/30 gears LCD Touch Screen adjustment

Power Supply Mode

Power adapter charging

Lithium battery



Less than 55dp


Smooth silicone case or leather case


U-shaped Head; Small round Head; Ball-shaped Head; Small flat head; mushroom Head; Thumb


25.2V 2500 mAh 6 batteries; battery life 5 hours