Gesture RC Car

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Surprise your kids!

Do your children love spending time outside playing? Well, of course they do, they are kids! Here is something that will make their playing time even more awesome! This Gesture RC Car can ensure so much for them - and here is how!

Perfect kind of FUN!

This Gesture RC Car is a perfect LITTLE ITEM for a BIG KIND OF FUN!

It's a vehicle that runs on a by-now unseen gesture remote control, with huge strength capacity, and is able to drive on all kinds of terrains. It's really fast and goes smoothly even on roads full of mud.

All that while shining like a rockstar!

Besides having A LOT OF FUN, this toy is perfect for your kids' practice of the sense of direction. They can get outside and drive the fastest and most incredible car toy ever!

Dual Control Mode!

There are two ways you can control this car's movements.
With a regular remote control, like a PlayStation, and via Watch Remote Controler.

As its name says, you can put it on a wrist and make your car do twists and everything that is capable of, with gestures and its long-distance (30-50m) sensor.

How cool is that?!

And YES! It can do twists!

This Gesture RC Car has a 360degree Rotating Drift. It's the coolest thing to see when the car is at its full speed. Just hold down the watch key, and tilt!

It also has a Biomedis spine structure with flexible distortion that allows it to turn in curves easily and quickly, and bypass various obstacles.

At its massive speed, 1.8m/s - it sometimes can happen for a car to hit the wall. But don't worry! Its amazing body and wheel structure allow the Double-side Driving. 

Can this car get even better!?!

Goes in every direction!

This Gesture RC Car has all-direction stunt wheels that function with the help of 9 small shaft wheels attached to the main one. It makes driving it even more efficient and fun!

Its chassis is raised up to 6cm which is protects its construction from things that can damage it when the car goes over them.

AND it has long battery life! 

It's easy to operate and is great for your 8+ years old children!

They won't just enjoy this car's special Gesture remote feature but its LED lights and cool dynamic Sound Effects too. They give you a completely different experience in the dark! 

AND, there are multiple colors to choose from!

So, don't wait any longer and get this car with AMAZING features for your kids!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What terrains is this car capable of going on?
  - Grass, Stone road, Sand, and practically every terrain possible, except water. 
2. Can the sounds be disabled?
  - Yes! Thanks to the remote control it has, you can adjust the sounds, lights, speed, and many more, via buttons. 


Product size



Plastic + PA


Blue, green, orange

Usage time

About 30 minutes

Charging time

4 hours

Remote control distance


Body battery

3.7V 1500mah

Remote control battery

2AA (not included)



Dual Control Configuration

2.4G Remote control

Watch Remote control

USB charging cable

3.7V battery pack

Recommended age


Product functions

Forward/Backward, Turn left/right, Double-side drive, Twist deformation, Left/right walk-cross, Rotation, Lights and Sound effects