Folding Trash Can

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Keep your space clean whatever you do!

Everything you buy and use ends up as trash at some point? No problem. With this Folding Trash Can you can keep your space clean and organized anytime and anywhere.

Time and space-saving!

Cleaning after you finish your cooking or other kind of work is annoying and takes a lot of time and nerves. Luckily you can do it simultaneously with your work and save your precious time for something more enjoyable.

This Folding Trash Can doesn’t take up a lot of space while you are working AND... especially when you don’t. Just by pressing its plastic sides you can fold it and move out from your sight, saving your space and making it look nice. 

Easy to install!

So true! Its design is made simple for you to operate.
You can hang it anywhere you need it, whether that is on your kitchen, pantry or drawer door. It can even be hung inside your car, making it perfect for your long-hour rides without any mess.


The door thickness just needs to be less than 2.2cm in order for the product to fit perfectly.

This Folding Trash Can is made of environmentally safe plastic and elastic rubber! It ensures that it fits into our nature conservation values without further worrying about pollution. Making your lifestyle even more conscious and cleaner. 

Various Designs!

This Folding Trash Can is available in different sizes and colors. Assuring that every single one of you can match its design with your kitchen’s interior. Making everything look nicely furnished.

Its material makes sure you will buy it only once. It's durable, pretty looking, and completely worth it!

What are you waiting for?
Order one for yourself 
and make your space clean and looking WOW!


Frequently Asked Questions:

 1. Can I use it somewhere else besides the kitchen?
     - Yes!!! You can use it in your bedroom on your drawers door, pantry room, bathroom, storage. Even in your car! It's just perfect for any kind of use!

2. Is The Trash Can strong enough to carry heavy garbage without breaking?
     - Of course! It can take up to 9 liters which are enough for any of your needs. 





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24cm x 16cm x 26cm

9.75in x 6.3in x 10.2in