Folding Pet Tent

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Safe space for your pets!

You adore animals and would like to have a pet but you are not sure of how that would work? Not a problem! With this Foldable Pet Tent, you will be able to have your new friends safe both inside and outside your home. Here is how!

High-Quality House!

This Folding Pet Tent is a perfect small house for your pets in your home or garden! It's small in size, cozy, breathable, and totally worth it!
It has a large internal space for multiple pets and their needs, including their bowls and a place for poop time. 

Your pets will love it! 

All you need to do is choose the place you want to put it on, pick it, pop it, and let your pets enjoy their new safe and carefree space for play and enjoyment. 

Spend a holiday with your pet! 

Its portable design makes it easy to be folded and carried with you anywhere you go. You can take it to your friend's house, a park, or even on your holiday.
It's practical and it can be easily packed in your luggage. 

It's made from high-quality oxford cloth with high hardness and bite resistance. Perfect for staying durable even after pets play inside.

It's simple yet modern!

It has a zipper design on the top, plus a Rolling door design which is convenient for pets to enter and exit freely. Both eight-sided fences and a skylight have a breathable mesh and anti-mosquitos grid - ideal for your pets' safety and good care. 

Happy and Carefree space!

The inside of the fence has a fixed construction of metal which makes the tent stable and secured. It's resistant to stains AND is made from environmentally safe material - making this tent for your pets a happy and carefree space to play. 

This Folding Pet Tent can also be a perfect delivery room, making it easy for you to observe and care for the newborns. 

Multiple colors and sizes are available - making this tent even more perfect for you and your pet!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I use this tent?
    - You can use it in your home, for example, in your bedroom. You can also take it with you to a park, other people's homes and even a holiday!

2. How many pets can fit and is it suitable for cats too?
   - Yes! It is suitable for your cats too and multiple pets can fit, depending on their size of course.




Oxford Cloth


Pet portable tent, Modern simplicity

Suitable for

Medium and large dogs and cats





810g – 1020g