Exquisite Natural Jade Eye Mask

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Time To Take Your Beauty Regimen To The Next Level!

Do you feel like your old beauty routine is not working its best to take care of your skin? Add the Jade Eye Mask to your steps and reap the benefits in just a few weeks' time!

It's taken a concept from the viral Jade rollers and is designed to revitalize and restore the complexion you love.

Plus, it's more convenient to use without having to put pressure and tension on your face while still soothing the facial muscles and promoting healthier skin at the same time.

Key Benefits

Natural Healing - This mask is made with naturally-occurring jade to maximize all its skin and health benefits. It's known to be helpful for boosting blood flow and getting rid of toxins from the body.

Relaxing Effect – Aside from its natural healing properties, using this mask provides a calming and soothing feeling right away. Enjoy a more relaxing beauty routine every night!

Improves Complexion It also gives cooling on the skin that brightens, tones, and reduces puffiness on the face. Achieve younger-looking and more glowing skin in no time.

Skin-Friendly - No worries about irritating your skin since it's made with organic and skin-friendly materials. Makes it 100% safe and suitable for any age and skin type.

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What is Jade Eye Mask?

Jade stone massage is one of the traditional Chinese natural therapies. It is based on the skin theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many massage tools are made of jade. and gemstone. The selling products belong to jade. Massage is in the skin below, we see a red or purple spots and patches, in fact leaking outside of blood vessels containing metabolites in the blood. Rheumatic body of gas and some blood metabolites, blood circulation




❤Name: Natural Jade Sleep Mask
❤Material: 100% Natural jade
❤Function: Eye massager Therapy
❤Size: #1-24.5*9.5cm/ #2-20.3*8.4cm/ #3-22.0*9.5cm
❤Usage: Sleeping mask, massager mask
❤Weight: #1-210g/ #2-110g/ #3-205g

❥❥Hot or Cold Theraphy:Put the cooling eye mask on the face in the morning to better eliminate edema and wake up.You can use an eye mask to relieve eye fatigue after working for a period of time. After the evening skin care step, put the eye sleep mask in warm water for about 10 minutes and use it to promote essence absorption.
❥❥Ideal Gift Choice:This jade eye mask set choose quality and natural jade material, professionally polished into small pieces, manually select the jade pieces with the green color and best quality, and then weave them by hand. Every product is unique. Perfect for any Gift giving occasion,you can express your concern for the health of your loved ones by giving them a 100% premium jade eye mask.