Electric Wireless Cleaning Set

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Clean your house in no time!

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Do you always have difficulty cleaning hard-to-reach corners around the house, which further takes your time and energy? Well not anymore! This Electric Wireless Cleaning Set will make cleaning your home more convenient!

Get those hard-to-reach corners!

With this Electric Wireless Cleaning Set, you will finally be able to reach all the hard-to-reach corners in your house. This tool with its accessories cleans all possible surfaces. Floors, tiles in the kitchen, kitchen elements, bathtubs, toilets, and everything else you can imagine. 

Simple to install!

Just connect the brush you want to use to an extension handle, and an extension handle to the main machine rod and you are ready to clean!

Adjustable Brush Heads!

Yes! You read that right! There are different brush heads you can change so you can really clean everything without much effort.

Corner brush - perfect for small corners like behind the doors, windows and wall corners. Flat brush - amazing for cleaning large areas like floors and tiles. And Round brush - best for small areas such as sinks and tanks. 

This set is made from ABS material and it's completely safe to operate under wet conditions. 

It has a 360 degree high rotate speed, so you just need to apply light pressure when cleaning. Much easier than anything you have used before!

Wireless Work!

You don't have to plug it in anywhere because it has a wireless operating system. You just need to charge the battery well (5h) and you are ready for easy, fast and efficient cleaning.

After charging the battery, which takes 5 hours, you will have enough time to clean your whole house from base to roof.

What are you waiting for? Order one for your house NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many adjustable heads does this product have?
- Three. The Corner brush, Flat one, and the Round one. 

2. How long it takes to charge the battery?
- Five hours.





Computer Brush

Model Number



ABS, silicone, aluminium

Feature 1

Wireless Brush


Household Cleaning



Feature 2




Packing Size

550 * 140 * 85mm/21.65*5.51*3.35

Power Supply


Plug type


Charging time

5 hours

Continuous use time

40-60 minutes