Electric Cupping Massager

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Please know before buying:

Using this product will leave a mark, which is not a bruise.

This is because our product is a cupping device, and the reason for leaving a mark is because the use of a cupping device helps our body remove moisture.

If you mind leaving a mark, please do not buy, thank you for your cooperation

Have an ideal massage at home!

We all spend most of the time in our life working and spending the whole day on our feet or stuck in an office chair, which leads to forgetting to take care of our health and our well-being.
Well, this Electric Cupping Massager can change that. 

Relieves the tension of your body!

This Electric Cupping Massager is an ideal item for every working-class household. 

Whether you are spending a whole day on your feet or if you are stuck in an office chair, this device will be shown as amazing for your body tension created by this way of life. 

It's the cheaper and more comfort-zoned version of going to a spa center and taking care of ourselves.

Ideal, right?

Magnetic Wave Therapy!

Besides relieving muscle tension that works thanks to the Thermal Energy that proliferates the dermal collagen, relaxes nerves, and release pressure by delivering continuous heat -

This Electric Cupping Massager is also known as Magnetic Wave Therapy which eliminates inflammation and swelling, relieves body fatigue, and promotes physical recovery. 

This device has a Display Panel for easy Button control which you can use to adjust the temperature of the heat, and the intensity levels. 

Multipurpose use!

A great device for well-known cupping, guasha massage, and weight loss! 

By cup-sucking operation, this Electric Cupping Massager activates lymph detoxification function and enhances blood circulation. Which can lead to the excretion of excess water from our organism, and therefore weight loss, cellulite reduction, and slimming. 

This device works better if you apply oil to the body part you want to massage. It will function easier and you will achieve better results. 

So, if you want to make your body feel more relaxed, get this Electric Cupping Massager and enjoy those amazing results!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does its use leaves the marks?
 - It's because this product is a cupping device that helps our body remove excess moisture. But don't worry, the marks usually disappear fast!

2. Is the temperature on this device adjustable?
 - It totally is! It has its own Display Panel for easy button control!




Shell color


Plug Type

USB (US Plug/EU Plug – optional)


100V-240V AC 50/60 Hz


12V 2A

Heating Temperature Levels

2/6/9 Levels

Time Settings

5/10/15/20/25/30 Minutes

Main Unit Height


Main Unit Width


Massage Head Diameter