Chain Bike Lock

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The safest resolution for your bike!

Love riding your bike and enjoying moving around town on it -  BUT: you are afraid of parking it out of fear of theft? Well, not anymore! With this Chain Bike Lock, you can secure your bike and enjoy your day peacefully! And here is how!

The unbreakable chain!

That's right! This Chain Bike Lock is made of one of the strongest materials to be used for this purpose.

It's made of alloy steel lock and has a special protective layer, securing your bike better than anything before!

The security this Lock offers is close to the security of your front door! Its lock consists of C Level Lock Cylinder - which means not even the master keys can unlock it, or any other special unlocking tools!

It's also covered with abs rubber paint - meaning: there is no way to cut it either!

Large lock area!

This Chain Bike Lock has the ability to involve a great number of things - all in one. So, you can lock the seat tube and tire - all together, to just anything that is found on your way! 

The greatest thing is that it's suitable for any kind of bike you have! Whether that is the regular bike most of us have, the foldable one, or even the MTB bike - this Chain Bike Lock will fit perfectly! 


And that's not all!

This Lock is light, foldable, and super portable! You will get a special Lock Holder that will fit perfectly both in your bag and under your seat, making it carrying it around so much easier and more convenient! 

The lock itself is connected with strong rivets, making it impossible to separate, in any way. 

Amazing, right?


The Lock has an anti-dust cover that will protect the lock cylinder from rain and dust - which will prevent it from getting all rusty!

More protection means fewer worries!

Multiple colors are available too! They will make your bike look both fashionable and elegant! And who doesn't want that?

So, if you love riding a bike and you want to keep it in your possession forever - GET YOURS NOW!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. But how do I know my bike will really be safe?
 - The lock this Chain Bike has, is connected with strong rivets, making it impossible to separate, in any way.

2. What colors are available?
 - Orange, blue, and black. 





Folded size

130mm x 55mm x 30mm

Maximum lock range

210mm x 210 mm




Orange - Black