Blackhead Remover

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Get rid of those blackheads!

Do you have those small, dark blackheads on your face, and especially the nose area? Exactly, who doesn’t?!?
Well, with this Blackhead Remover your blackhead problems will be in the past!

Smooth and tighten your skin!

This Blackhead Remover is a cosmetic instrument that uses microdermabrasion beauty suctioning head technology for removing dirt and dead skin on your face.

It improves skin vitality, helps unclog the pores, and makes your skin smooth and tighten.

You just need to clean your face first, use a hot wet towel to fumigate the skin to open the pores, select the right gear you want to use, turn it on, align the machine head with your skin and watch your face get much cleaner and smoother!

5 Replaceable Beauty Heads!

Yes! This Blackhead Remover has 5 different heads for 5 different skin sensitivities.

There is a Small Hole Head that is suitable for sensitive skin. It’s gentle and has a weaker suction system.

The Oval Hole Head reduces micro wrinkles on the corners of your eyes and mouth. It will make your skin smooth and tightened.

And the Elliptical Hole Head firms the skin and increases skin elasticity.

The Microcrystalline Head is used for dead skin exfoliation and offers micro-lift massage to brighten and tender your skin.

And last, but not least, Big Hole Head deep removes blackheads, grease, and cosmetic residue. It has the strongest suction which is perfect for those stubborn blackheads on the nose.

This Blackhead Remover is, with its accessories, just perfect for you and all of your skins' needs.

3 Suction Levels!

This Blackhead Remover comes with 3 suction levels to meet your skin needs and protect your skin from damage. You should choose the right suction head and level depending on your skin condition.

It uses a powerful USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours. Which is more than enough!

So, just follow the instructions, don't use The Remover for too long, and your skin is ready to Go and Shine!

DON'T WAIT ANY LONGER and order one for yourself NOW! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What should I do before using it?
  - You should wash your face with your regular cleansers, then use a hot towel to open the pores so it's easier for this device to do its job properly. 

2. What's the difference between this and any other remedy for blackhead and dead skin removal?
   - Unlike other ones, which would only clean the surface of the skin, this Blackhead Remover does deep cleansing that takes out all the dirt that would otherwise just stay there. It assures a clean face on the surface and deep down too.





Charging Way


Rated Voltage

5V 1A

Rated Power


Charging Time

3 hours

Using Time

2.5 hours







Package Content

1 x Blackhead Remover

1 x USB Charging Cable

5 x Probes

2 x Rubber rings

5 x Cotton Filter