Beauty Facial Mask Maker Machine Automatic DIY Fruit Vegetable Skincare Acne Treatment Hydration Anti Aging with 32pcs Collagen

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1.Our natural fruit and vegetable DIY facial mask machine uses fruits and vegetables to make various natural facial masks according to your skin, allowing your skin to enjoy natural facial masks and skin massages.
2.The mask is made of purified water, milk, juice and collagen, which is safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly, suitable for all groups of people, even pregnant women.
3.Facial masks made of different fruits and vegetables have different effects, such as whitening skin, moisturizing, restoring skin elasticity and vitality, etc., meeting your actual needs.
4.LCD touch screen, indicator light design and one-button operation make the operation very easy, and the indicator light will instruct you to complete all the steps on the touch screen.
5.PTC heating technology (constant temperature 80°C) can effectively maintain the activity of nutrients in fruits and vegetables to allow your skin to better absorb nutrients.
6.High-precision sensing and a mask plate that fits the shape of the human face can help you make a perfect mask with the best ratio.
7.This fruit and vegetable facial mask machine has a compact and lightweight body and is easy to carry, allowing you to use natural facial masks to care for your skin during travel or business trips.
* The total amount of liquid added to the machine must not exceed 90ml.
* This machine is not waterproof, please do not wash it with water.


Material: ABS+Silica gel
Color: white
Size: 119*99*151mm
Weight: 920g
Packing size: 243*174.5*151mm
Operating voltage: 110-220V
Maximum power: 90W
Frequency: 50 to 60 HZ

Why choose Kanars's Facial Mask Machine:

1. PRIVATE CUSTOM - Enjoy your personal facial masks with no preservatives, no lead, no mercury or other irritating substances
2. VOICE PROMPTS - Easy to operate,Economy and convenient way to do a safe facial beauty at home.
3. FULLY AUTOMATIC-It is a device that has automatic features of facial mask creation and cleaning

Product including

1* Main unit
32* Collagen
1* Up volume
1* Brush
1* Plucking
1* User Manual
1* Power Cord