Auto Pack -Car Trunk Organizer Box

$34.99 $69.98

Organize or store your stuff in your car with AutoPack!

This car storage box is quite handy for organizing or storing items in the back of your vehicle. You can simply find your belongings inside the car by utilizing this storage box, and it's also a cool method to keep all of your stuff in one place. It's simple to use and folds up quickly when not in use.


Organize Trunk - In your car, put items in their proper places. Groceries, vehicle tools, sports equipment, clothing, camping goods, an emergency kit, and anything else you need may all be neatly and wisely stored in your trunk. There will be no more messes inside your vehicle.

Safe - While on the road, keep your goods, whether shopping bags or valuable cargo, from rolling around and becoming damaged. You may also keep all of your emergency needs and other stuff in one convenient location.

Elegant Design - The quality is superb, and the stitching provides a touch of elegance that complements the inside of the vehicle. It appears to be tailored to your car in certain ways. They are simple to bring in and out, and they may be stored inside when not in use.

Waterproof, Easy To Clean

This collapsible car trunk organizer is made of waterproof material and keeps your items

well protected against splashes and moisture. It is very easy to clean, just wipe it with a rag

and get it clean like new.

High-quality Material

Made of premium quality Microfibre Leather, it has a beautiful look and superior finish.

It is highly durable, abrasion and scratch resistant. Broad bottom ensures stability and sturdiness.

Foldable Design

Foldable Space Saving Design.This multipurpose trunk organizer box keeps your car

clutter-free and your things well organized. It's very easy to expand and within a minute

you are ready to keep your things and groceries in an arranged fashion. Also, the Velcro

straps hold it in closed position when not in use.