5 or 10 pcs LED Inner Hinge Lamp

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Lighten up all cabinets when you open the cabinet door with these 10pcs !

When you open the cabinet, the lamp turns on automatically and turns off when you close it, eliminating the need for a flashlight when searching for something in the cabinet. It is a very handy cabinet light since it is effectively hidden in the hinge, it is tiny and takes up little room, it is lightweight and extremely bright, and so on.


Premium Quality - It is composed of high-quality ABS plastic, and when you open your cabinet, the brilliant white light illuminates, eliminating the need for a flashlight.

Wide Application - It can be utilized in your home cabinet, closet, cupboard, or wardrobe with a hinge. Before installing the led light base, the hinge screw must be removed.

Convenient - It is simple to install and use after attaching it to your cabinet hinge with a battery. When you open the cabinet, the lamp will automatically switch on. When you close the cabinet, the light goes out.


Item Type: Cabinet Light
Wattage: 0-5W
Chip Type: SMD3528 x 3pcs
Powered By: 12V DC 23A Battery
(Not included )
Functions: Auto Switch in Cabinet ON / OFF
Materials: ABS Housing
Color temperature of light: Warm white/ Cool white (5600k-6500k)
Installation: Mounted on the Cabinet Hinge

Applications: Indoor foyer, living room, bedroom, stair, washroom, cabinet, showcse, wardrobe, bathroom etc. 

Working Principle:
LED light system, install it on your hinge, after install battery, when you open your
cabinet, it will light up all cabinet, you needn't to take a flashlight when find something in cabinet. Easy to install and convenient to use.

Package Includes:
10XCabinet light+10XScrew
5XCabinet light+5XScrew