4 in 1 Laser Level Tool

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Do your housework like a PRO!

Have a lot of house to-dos that seem complicated and therefore overwhelming? No problem. This 4in1 Laser Level Tool will make your work easier, faster and more accurate. 

A great helper!

You are moving to a new place and need help arranging your things up? Or, do you just have a lot of house work in your current home? No problem! This product is perfect for hanging shelves and cabinets, tiles and picture frames without any trouble.

With its gun point that shows horizontal, vertical and reticle red lines - it points you exactly where to put the spike. Making fixing things up much easier and fun!

Amazing features!

Not only does it have the ability to accurately determine the placement of paintings on the wall, but it also has great accessories that every household needs.

It comes with a 2,5m long ring-foot in inches that helps you measure just anythingShrink Switch is there to assure safe ring-foot use. It also has aluminium alloys with a scale ruler seat on its edges. One side with inch scale calibration and another with metrical.

And the maximum output of the laser light is around 0,5mW. 
Just perfect for your needs!

And that’s not all!

It's made with strong material and it's long lasting. Perfect for one hand operation use and completely safe. Making sure even a beginner can find its way with it.  

This 4in1 Laser Level Tool is amazing and handful for everything you can imagine. From hanging pictures on the wall to checking floor laying with its angle measurements.

Perfect for ALL to-dos in the house and around it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1.   Who can use this tool?

- There aren’t any age or gender proscriptions. Anyone can use it. It's completely safe and easy to handle.

  1.   What calibrations are available?

- Both metric and inch scale.








Vertical, Horizontal & Reticle Lasers Lines



Measurement Model

2 lines


18.5(L) x 6.2(W) x 2.8(H) cm


3xAG13 battery (not included)


Reatil Box

Model Number


The Length of Steel Tape