11 in 1 Multiport

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Make your work more efficient!

Working on your laptop a lot? Any of the work you need to do depends on your PC's abilities? If so, we then have a perfect item for you! This 11 in 1 Multiport will make any process you need to go through much easier and efficient! Here is what it does!


Has it ever happened that you needed a port for some external device you wanted to use, but your laptop just didn't have it included? Well, that won't be a problem anymore!

This 11 in 1 Multiport is a docking station that is multifunctional and there to connect your laptop to just any device you need, anytime and anywhere.

It supports various ports and is suitable for many different occasions! Whether it is for work or entertainment purposes, you can connect your laptop to a big screen projector.

Its VGA interface and double 4K/HD Video interfaces will send uncompressed audio and video signals to bigger screens, while 3.5mm Jack will give you a high-fidelity audio experience, taking your presentation to a higher professional level, or making your family's movie time much cozier and more special.

Create ultimate workspace!

That's right! With everything this 11 in 1 Multiport offers, you can make your working time and space much more convenient and useful!

It has 3 USB 3.0 that is great for data transfer (5Gbps) and could transfer one movie in just 5 seconds. 

And, as many laptops come with no card-readers, the special TF and SD slots are there to save the day! 

There is also the RJ45 port that supports 1000 Mbps Ethernet Network AND the gigabit interface which will ensure you stable internet speed and unimpeded work or downloading process. 

And most importantly, this 11 in 1 Multiport has a Type-C flash charging port that ensures a high-speed power supply. It uses 60W of high power that will keep your laptop fully charged all the time, additionally accommodating the extension and use of multiple external devices. 

Keep the cables organized!

Besides being upgraded with a 15degree bevel design and offering a much comfortable view, this 11 in 1 Multiport will keep your workspace organized and neat. 

Everything you will connect your laptop with will stay behind it, so your workspace will be left with no side distractions.

It's made of sturdy and durable aluminum and is secured with a bottom non-slip silicone pad AND it has that special fast heat dissipation. Amazing, right?

So, if you love the idea of never having to buy any other adapter ever again, don't think twice and order one NOW!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do I do if there is a read failure on the hard drive?
 - That can happen due to the large power consumption of the hard drive. You can solve the problem by connecting with a charger for the power supply. 

2. What about its fast heat dissipation?
 - This product has a Type-c flash charging which keeps your laptop fully charged all the time, and that will additionally accommodate the extension and use of multiple external devices.



Aluminium Alloy


USB 3.0



4K AD Video Interface




3.5mm Stereo Interface

Support System

Mac OS Sierra/Windows 10/7

Compatible Models

MacBook Pro Air iPad


20 cm

HDMI Connector

Supports 1000Mbps


Support 1080P/60Hz Display

Type C PD Port

Support 60W PD Char