Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit

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Introducing the Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit, the ultimate wine accessory for any wine lover. This sleek and stylish device allows you to effortlessly open your favorite bottle of wine with just the touch of a button.

The Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit is incredibly easy to use. Simply place the opener on top of the bottle and press the button, and the device will effortlessly remove the cork from the bottle in just a few seconds. Its powerful motor and precision-engineered corkscrew ensure that even the toughest corks can be removed without any hassle.

This wine bottle opener kit comes with a rechargeable battery that can open up to 30 bottles of wine on a single charge, making it ideal for dinner parties, gatherings, or just a night in with a loved one. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, whether you're going on a picnic, camping trip, or to a friend's house.

The Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit is not only practical, but also stylish. Its sleek and modern design is sure to impress, and its brushed stainless steel finish is both durable and easy to clean. It also comes with a foil cutter, allowing you to easily remove the foil from the bottle before opening.

In addition to its ease of use and style, the Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit is also incredibly versatile. It can be used to open all types of wine bottles, including those with synthetic corks, and its corkscrew can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Overall, the Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit is the perfect wine accessory for anyone who loves wine. Its ease of use, stylish design, and powerful performance make it an essential addition to any wine lover's collection. So why wait? Start enjoying your favorite bottle of wine today with the Electric Wine Bottle Opener Kit.


Open bottle/pour/store wine, one set meets the needs of wine tasting

Easily open the bottle in 8s Keep it fresh in vacuum for 7 days

5-in-1 classic combination


▪  Easy to Use:Simple push-button operation, push "Down Button" to take the cork out of wine bottle, push "Up Button" to remove the cork from wine opener.

▪  Elegant Design:Unique transparent window makes the entire cork removal process visual. Foil cutter included for easily removing seals.

▪  Best Gift for Wine Lover: wine opener can be a perfect gift for any occasion like Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Graduation and more!


Brand: Circle Joy KLT

Product name: Black Samurai Electric Wine Corkscrew Wine Set 5 in 1 Set

Executive standard corkscrew: Q/440402 KLT 26

Tin paper knife: Q/KLT 3

Pourer: Q/440402 KLT 27

Wine stopper: Q/KLT 6

product material

Corkscrew: ABS, PC

Tin foil cutter: ABS

Pourer: Acrylic for food contact

Red wine stopper: PC, TPE for food contact

Packing size: 90*55*242mm


Electric corkscrew Xiaomi circle joy 5 in 1 cj-tz07

, Set: electric corkscrew, vacuum stopper, filling nozzle, knife for cut packing. For bottles with Max. Throat diameter up to 35mm. Power corkscrew 4 Xaa.
, Technical description
, Set: electric corkscrew, vacuum stopper, filling nozzle, packing slice knife
, Suitable for bottles with a throat diameter of 20-24mm, Max. Diameter up to 35mm
, Power corkscrew: 4 Xaa

The wine set includes an electric corkscrew, two vacuum forks, a knife, an aerator and a stand. They will allow you to turn the process of opening the bottle and filling the glasses into a whole ceremony. High quality materials ensure a long service life of each product.